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Payment Services

Core Solutions

Payments Strategy
International Market Expansion Strategy. Payment Optimization. Global Payments rails adoption strategy.
Payments Modernization
Modern Payment platform and Capabilities. Transformation of legacy applications to current world technology stacks. Digitization.
Development & Implementation
Payment systems implementation and support. DevOps Agile Transformation. API & Microservices Cloud readiness. Testing and Quality Assurance optimization.
Banking Business Process Services
Customer Experience service. Standards. Marketing Operation service, KYC and onboarding process.

About Matrix Payment Services

The global payments ecosystem is changing rapidly and the demand for advanced, flexible, and updated payment systems is high and increasing. Banks and Financial Services firms must implement real-time payments and adopt to the new APIs, new standards, and new ISO messaging formats. While several commercial payment applications offer technologies and systems to address some of these needs, the real challenge is the effort involved in the implementation and services that turn the technology into a workable solution that meets the customers and the market demands and increases the bank’s related revenue.

Matrix Payment Services (MPS) focuses on addressing the growing demand for high quality services in the business and commercial payments space. MPS has partnered with the leading payment software vendors to provide state-of-the-art solutions and implementations. Its services cover the whole spectrum of the payment systems life cycle, from advisory, evaluation, vendor selection through implementation, customization, and configuration to post implementation support. Our team possess deep experience in the global payment market, payment regulation, and compliance areas, and is ready to support your needs in a way that would successfully meet your business goals.

The key to success highly depends on the knowledge and skills to properly define and implement the business rules to the systems that interface with the new payment solution including the core banking systems, settlement systems, treasury management system and others, upgrading legacy systems to meet current business requirements such as SEPA, cross boarder payment, ACH, wire payment, real time payment, ISO 20022 and more. In addition, the bank must leverage proper expertise to ensure the ongoing tuning and adjustment to make sure they stay current, in compliance and ahead of the game.

Our team understand the payment ecosystem. We are renowned for tackling business challenges. With Matrix-Payment-Services you get a partner to help resolve complex problems—and provide access to the most innovative technologies.



Payment Strategy


Payment Modernization


Development & Implementation


Business Process Services


Risk & Compliance

Payment Strategy

  • International Market Expansion Strategy – In depth market, competitors, customer insights and new market entry opportunities, International Expansion
  • Payment Modernization & Optimization - Digital & Open Banking Transformation Strategy, Vendor & Fintech partnership
  • Global Payments rails adoption strategy (Global Transaction model) – ISO20022, RTP, FEDNOW, Faster Payments, NACHA, ACH, SEPA, Mass payments
  • Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) Strategy
  • Evaluation of Current Payment Strategy
  • Fintech and Technology Assessment
  • Transformation Roadmap
  • International Market expansion Opportunity Evaluation
  • Solving current Business Payment Issues
  • Market & Competitive Analysis of existing Payment Services & Technologies
  • New Payment Platform Advisory
  • Go to Market Strategy

Payment Modernization

  • Payment Architecture Review and Optimization
  • Modern Payment Platform Integration (MT to MX/ISO20022), Payments Hubs, Real Time payments, Commercial cards
  • Transformation of legacy applications to current world technology stacks
  • Technology current and future state analysis
  • Technology transformation roadmap and planning
  • Digital channel adoption and integration
  • Digitization

Development & Implementation

  • Payment Systems Deployment and Implementation
  • Expertise in all major applications including Finastra, ACI, Actimize and others
  • Application Maintenance and ongoing support
  • Agile Transformation
  • API & Microservices
  • Cloud readiness
  • Mobile product integration with 3rd Party products
  • Testing and QA automation and optimization
  • Intelligent Automation

Business Process Services

  • Payments Operation Optimization
  • Standards and Policies
  • Testing and Optimization
  • KYC Framework
  • Account Onboarding and Maintenance

Risk & Compliance

  • Risk & OFAC Scoring
  • AML Integration
  • Transaction Monitoring
  • Global Sanctions and Compliance monitoring

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