Matrix-IFS’ Alius Tuning Tool


The Matrix-IFS Rule Simulator application is an application that simulated different transaction monitoring rules in order to assist users in tuning their AML surveillance system.


The application provides:

  • An analysis dashboard to review the performance of existing rules with breakdown options per model, risk, segments, and quality of dispositioned rules
  • System-level configuration possibilities for lists, transaction types and transaction group relationships
  • A rule level review of the existing configuration with the ability to review in real-time the impact of changes to the volume of alerts, events, or entities
  • A drill-down screen that presents an in-depth review of alert details, underlying events, and transactions. Furthermore, the drill-down screen enables different filtering options per risk, segment, disposition, Learning Mechanism impact and more
  • A final review of tuned rule results and sampling support
  • The ability to export¬†functionality for configuration documentation, sampling, and detailed analysis

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