Robotic Process Automation

High turnover of staff, inconsistent execution and the nature of Investigation’s day-to-day work pose a real threat to compliance. Investigators spend more than 80% of their time on tasks that are time-consuming, tedious and repetitive leading to low employee morale, output and even human errors that can lead to bad press, reputational risk & regulatory fines.


A New Kind of BOT– The Digital Investigator

Up until now, BOTs were created to replace simple pre-defined tasks. We would like to introduce a new and improved concept to RPA (Robotics Process Automation) – The ‘Digital Investigator”, who takes on the layers of activities linked with data collection, research, and initial investigative decision making.

We help financial institutions to leverage the Digital Investigator to complement & assists the investigations team, not as a replacement for the human worker, but where he redefines how work is done.  Reshape the way investigations are evaluated and perceived.


RPA Assessment - Current State

During the initial stage, our team will review and assess current operations process, workflow, and steps taken by the triage or investigations teams, identify candidates for automation, and evaluate ROI per Digital Worker delivered. This stage sets the foundation stone for a successful Digital Worker transformation program.

Recommendations - Target State

After the assessment, our team will provide you with our recommendations on how the target operating model at the investigations and triage teams should look like. These recommendations include, but not limited to: operations team capacity, hierarchy, workflow, steps, and how the new case management system with built-in automation should be used.

Design, Architecture & Implementation

We will design and plan your architecture for every single Digital Worker that will be implemented or delivered, keeping in mind: capacity, data volume, exceptions, false positives, performance, functional and non-functional requirements.

RPA Roadmap Managed Services

Consider us as an extension of your team, that will assess, implement, deploy and train your staff on the RPA solution implemented. Performing continuous identification of backlog in parallel to the continued development of Digital Workers.

Infrastructure Maintenance

Our IT team will maintain your infrastructure to support and provide continuity in your RPA solution, including but not limited to, physical vs. virtual servers, applications, application servers, web-servers, database(s), etc.

Performance Tuning

We will carry out performance tuning for each Digital Worker, individually or as a group of Digital Workers, to ensure that the end user’s results and performance are achieved within the required SLA time.

Vendor & Technology Agnostic

No matter the chosen RPA technology, our experienced team will provide services around either a specific RPA technology, a vendor product (Blue Prism, UiPath, NICE, etc.) or using non-RPA core technology platforms, utilizing Java, JQuery, Javascript, HTML, XSL and more.

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