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Webinars On-demand

Data Quality Automation Webinar

In this webinar, we will explore the best practices for setting up a robust data quality automation program for a financial crime unit (Fraud Prevention and AML) and talk about solutions and components (visual & analytics) that can assist the FIU/AML Investigations.

Real-time Mule Accounts Detection

During this webinar, Pitney Bowes and Matrix-IFS will explore the threats of Mule Accounts and present a cost-effective solution, that combines data analytics and model tuning to detect and stop them, when it counts.

4 Simple Steps to Achieve GDPR/CCPA

During this session, we will discuss the regulatory requirements of GDPR with respect to Fraud and Compliance technology and present a simple solution for all of your compliance needs, using one managed platform.

5th AML Directive Readiness Webinar

During this webinar, Matrix-IFS and Pitney Bowes will explore the challenges that derive from the 5MLD and offer an affordable solution that is based on the institution’s existing AML system.

TM Implementation Best Practices

Learn best practices for designing and implementing an effective transaction monitoring system based on the experience of over 200 TM implementation project.

AML Transaction Monitoring Tuning

Learn how Financial Institutions can leverage advanced analytics techniques to improve the productivity of the rules by setting up appropriate thresholds and how to leverage automation techniques for alert investigation in order to reduce the effort spent on false positives and giving more time for the investigations to focus on the true suspicious activities.

Open Banking and PSD2 & GDPR Regulations

The purpose of this webinar is to help Financial Institutions understand the implications of financial crime and fraud prevention, and get ready to review and upgrade their systems accordingly where required.

Automation (RPA) for AML & FIU

During this session, we will explore a new vision of a modern FIU department, which would incorporate Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and advanced analytics to address and reduce your alerts as well as how robotics and automation can play part in reducing risk and simplifying the work of the investigators.

Deal & List Management Systems

During this session, we will explore the complexities around streamlining the deal process from a Control Room perspective, presenting a solution that encompasses the full deal lifecycle including workflows, conflict of interest checks, list management, reporting & controls.

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