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Cyber Security

core solutions

Missing a CISO function in your organization? No problem, Matrix-IFS will act as your trusted CISO, covering regional and local regulatory requirements to help you stay compliant and ensure the overall resiliency of your cyber security program.
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Targeted Threat Intelligence
Our research and analysis of the accumulated data collected by threat intelligence allow financial institutions to prevent severe impacts of cyber threats. This process also plays a vital role in enriching data gathered by vulnerability scans.
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Risk Management
Our in-depth risk-driven analysis provides enterprises with a holistic view of current risk levels to their networks, systems, and services with the goal to improve their security posture across IT, OT and IoT.
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Application Security
Matrix-IFS' Application Security service covers the entire application development life cycle from the initial design and architecture phase, through development and deployment. Additionally, it includes tools and methods designed to protect applications post-deployment. The service also covers web, mobile apps and services.
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Cloud Security
The Cloud Security services we provide ensure the availability, integrity and confidentiality of cloud-based services, and cloud migration. They do so by defining cloud security requirements to minimize risk and guarantee cloud compliance. Services include the security of infrastructure, data, analysis, infrastructure security and more.
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A fully managed, co-managed, hybrid or custom 24X7X365 Security Operation Center including optimization to reduce “noise” and a full T1-4 analysts support. With this offering, you will benefit from actionable intelligence and complete visibility into your environment that will dramatically contribute to your improved security posture.
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About the Cybersecurity Practice

Cyber-circumstances have dramatically changed in the last few years. The new landscape is characterized by an overwhelming volume of sophisticated attacks and threats. Assessing vulnerabilities and risks is a key element for effective cybersecurity posture and therefore should be done comprehensively.

Matrix-IFS’ cyber security services support financial institutions who are struggling with the realities of cost, limited local talent pool, and the need for broad expertise in the field. Coupled with our financial crime domain expertise, our team possesses vast experience in the cyber security arena. From the original risk assessment to the development and execution of a security roadmap, our experts will walk you through the entire process of enhancing your security posture.


Cyber Security Awareness Training


The reality is that cyber threats expand far beyond the eye can see. For that reason, Cyber Security Awareness Training or Security Awareness Training should be a priority for organizations as it helps employees understand existing and arising information security concerns. The awareness training helps employees and management understand IT governance issues, recognize security concerns and learn their relevance to respond accordingly. Our extensive Cyber Security and Cyber Awareness training programs are flexible (on-site or remote) and customizable to fit your needs

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