Matrix-IFS on AWS

High-end fraud prevention as a Service, in the AWS Cloud

Matrix-IFS combines consulting, tools and methodologies in a fully-managed fraud prevention solution for financial service providers, powered by the IBM Safer Payments platform on the AWS cloud. Leveraging an enterprise-level system together with the scale and flexibility of the cloud, even small and medium-sized businesses can now offer their customers tier 1, next generation fraud protection, at an affordable price.

Time is money and, when it comes to detecting and stopping fraud, every second counts. Matrix-IFS’s robust, top-tier system is quick to onboard, simple to use, and cost effective to run. With fast implementation, you get the cover you need quickly, as your investment starts to work for you within a matter of weeks. Threat simulation, accurate detection, and immediate model deployment ensure that protection is in place as soon as new threats emerge, resulting in high hit rates and an incredibly low false-positive rate of just 1:3. A built-in AI machine learning capability becomes increasingly efficient and accurate with time, and means no complex code that would require technical skills or resources to adapt the system to new threats.

The Matrix-IFS Anti-Fraud as a Service solution can be used across all payment channels – online banking (web & mobile), cards and SWIFT/SEPA. We also provide a single browser user interface for your fraud investigators; centralized case management and a common data model; and a single point of contact for all your anti-fraud needs.

Real value for your business

Low overheads, fast ROI

Cloud infrastructure offers significantly lower initial costs and running costs, and reduced management which, together with a 50-70% reduction in fraud losses and no-code adaptability means low risk and fast ROI.

Fast onboarding

Straightforward onboarding gets you up and running quickly, so you start to enjoy all the benefits of advanced protection in less than 12 weeks.

Faster adaptation to evolving threats

A unique simulation on real, live production data - without impacting ongoing monitoring - enables faster adaptation, with zero downtime, to ensure the system is optimized at all times.

Exceptional fraud detection rate

A built-in AI capability ensures continuous machine learning, and generates suggestions for improving performance. This results in high hit rates, and a false positive ratio of 1:3 or less, meaning high detection accuracy.

Low tech, high impact

Requiring virtually no technical skills to operate, update and maintain, the solution is suitable even for small businesses with limited in-house IT resources, enabling them to fight fraud as effectively as large enterprises.

What we offer


Advanced Data Analytics


Ongoing Optimization


Alert Investigation Service


Risk Assessment

Advanced Data Analytics

Analyzing customer data, we are able to create customized models and scenario development. Our data analytics experts offer deep knowledge of data governance and advanced analytics, along with risk, compliance and regulatory knowledge, bringing great value to clients seeking to leverage new technologies.

Ongoing Optimization

Combining our fraud experts and the most up-to-date technology, we help optimize your fraud prevention systems. Using proprietary tools to carry out periodic reviews and assessments of fraud prevention performance, we will apply the changes that can bring about improvements, and tune the system towards lower false positives, better fraud detection and overall optimized performance of fraud prevention.

Alert Investigation Service

As the initial port of call for alerts, our fraud experts will investigate suspicious activity, filter false positives, and recommend necessary actions for those that should be dealt with.

Risk Assessment

Using fraud program and risk coverage assessment methodology that we have developed in-house, we'll identify the vulnerabilities and technology and processes gaps in your fraud program, fraud controls and processes, tailoring a prioritized, actionable plan, with short and long-term goals - while also achieving compliance, IT objectives, and operational needs.

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Advanced analytics

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