Application Security

Application Security encompasses the measures taken to improve the security of an application by identifying vulnerabilities and preventing cyber-attacks as you move through the Software Development Life-cycle (SDLC). The faster and sooner you find and correct security issues, the safer the application and its users will be.

Matrix-IFS’ Application Security services cover the entire Software Development Life-cycle, from the initial design and architecture phase through the development and deployment phases. Additionally, it includes tools and methods that are designed to protect applications post-deployment. The service also covers all kinds of architecture models and applications such as web, mobile and cloud.


Black Box Security Audit (Pen testing)

Testing the application components without available access to development resources or with a specific requirement to assess a limited access/knowledge by simulating the same behavior that can be expected by an external attacker or malicious application user.

Interactive Application Security Testing

Dynamic and automated analysis of application components with limited access to development resources that can be used to provide fast Application Vulnerability Assessment. This service is mainly used whenever a quick and high-frequency application scanning is required.

Architecture & Design Review / Threat Modeling

A review of the current security controls on the application’s architecture and design to help a user with identifying potential security design flaws early on and mitigate them before starting the development stage.

White Box Security Audit (SAST)

Comprehensive testing of the application components using a consistent methodology that includes a review of various levels from architecture and design, implementation/source code, configuration to deployment. The end goal is to verify that the proper security controls are present, work as intended, and embedded in all the right places.

Security Code Review (SAST+)

The most comprehensive application security analysis at the Source Code level, covering various types of programming languages and development frameworks to identify and mitigate zero-day application vulnerabilities.The service is provided by utilizing best of breed Static Code Analysis (SAST) tools in combination with manual security review and validation.

Grey Box Security Audit (DAST)

Dynamic Analysis of system components with partial access to development resources and source code such as 3rd party components, libraries and tools.

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