Vulnerability & Risk Management

An all-inclusive tailored assessment that covers ALL security aspects (people, processes & technology) or a vertical assessment of an individual component such as infrastructure, network/operating system, database, application or other, depending on the company’s need. The service also includes maturity assessment, threat modeling, risk analysis, advice for risk reduction and assistance with building the organization’s security strategy and roadmap.

Our risk-driven analysis uncovers potential vulnerabilities and threats and prioritizes them from both technical and business points and provides actionable recommendations for mitigation. We ensure that your policy, pathing processes, technology, architecture and incident response are designed and delivered to enhance and protect your business effectively.


Fraud & AML Analysis

Cyber fraud simulations aim to identify and maximize immunity against fraud attacks. The service includes dedicated testing such as business logic manipulation and fraudulent activities in branch offices & call centers (Vishing). The analysis also offers simulations of Debit Card Fraud, Deposit Fraud, Mortgage Fraud and Phishing Attacks.

Risk Management

Cyber security risk management reduces risks to the organization, helps to prevent regulatory fines and potential breaches. We leverage NIST cyber security framework to build a tailored strategy and roadmap. Our approach includes (1) Understanding your risk appetite (2) Assessing the current level of maturity/performance of key functional areas (3) Building a heat map while following the NIST cyber security framework (4) Building a cyber security threat model (5) Evaluating the future state of the financial sector’s security and plan accordingly.

Vulnerability Assessment

Testing computer systems, networks or web applications to detect security vulnerabilities that a real hacker could exploit. Our approach combines automated and manual testing that ensures a broad coverage without causing an impact on the evaluated systems or applications. White/Grey/Black Penetration Testing is performed by our professional teams with an opportunity to also simulate a “Real World” hacker attacks aka, Red Team exercises.

Penetration Testing

Our offering includes (1) exposing vulnerabilities at every level: application, logic, technology, configurations and design, (2) broad coverage of applications, infrastructure, networks, mobile and IoT, (3)application and/or Network penetration testing and (4) a Phishing campaign

Red Team

Simulation of real-world adversary’s Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) against applications, systems and processes

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