Special Podcast – The War on Money Laundering and Why You Should Care

Jordan Harbinger, host of the popular podcast, the Jordan Harbinger Show, invited our own Joshua Fruth, Director of the AML Advisory Services’ Special Investigations Unit (SIU), to be a guest on a special edition of the show covering money laundering. In the program, Joshua explains money laundering is, how tracking it puts a finger on the pulse of global terrorism and international crime, and why even the law-abiding among us should be paying attention to how money laundering is at the root of nearly everything nefarious witnessed in current events. Although the podcast covers many basic elements of money laundering, even the most senior-level specialists are likely to learn more about insider tradecraft and advanced approaches to timely detection.

Podcast Focus:

  • What money laundering is and how it works.
  • Who benefits and who loses from money laundering.
  • How an investigator learns to think like the people he or she is investigating.
  • What needs to happen before intelligence gathering can even begin.
  • Why tracking the money trail is so valuable in the fight against criminals and terrorists.
  • And much more…

Listen, learn, and enjoy!

About Joshua T.Fruth

Joshua Fruth is a military intelligence officer, police captain, financial crime expert, and Director of Anti-Money Laundering Advisory Services at Matrix-IFS. He previously served as the Director of the Transaction Monitoring Unit (TMU).

Joshua has served as a Battalion Intelligence Chief, Brigade Deputy Intelligence Chief, and Tactical Psychological Operations Commander in the United States Army; and as a Police Captain and Detective Bureau Commander in Ohio, focused on gang, narcotics, human trafficking, and white-collar crime.  His education includes the University of Akron, Ohio Police Academy, Fort Benning School of Infantry, Reserve Officer Training Corps, Distinguished Honor Graduate of the DoD Joint Intelligence Center of Excellence, and the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center (JFKSWC).

Get in touch with us to discuss other anti-crime financial related issues: aml@matrix-ifs.com.

Big thanks to Jordan Harbinger for inviting us to take part in his show! for the full post and more details about the show click here.

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