Unveiling Hunter, Kaycee & Lexi – Digital Investigators (Purpose-Built RPA BOTs)

Home-grown RPA that stems from 13 years of experience fighting financial crime

On October 10th, we had the honor of speaking at the European Banking Forum in London in front of 100 compliance & financial crime Senior Managers, where we announced our purpose-built Digital Investigators into the world.

The term Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has been thrown around as a buzzword, without relevant financial crime use cases or customer stories. But all this is about to change with the release of Hunter, Kaycee & Lexi – our crime-fighting BOTs, or as we like to call them – ‘Digital Investigators’ (DI).

The DIs will perform many of the manual tasks that go into the investigation process; for example, fetching historical data from various sources or performing background screenings on new customers. They will then collect the information and deliver it in an orderly fashion into your existing case management system so your investigator won’t have to jump in between different windows, copying & pasting information repeatedly. That will not only allow your investigators to focus on real investigations but also remove tedious and manual tasks which inherently will result in reduced costs, increase efficiency and greater employee satisfaction.

Meet Hunter

Hunter hunts down historical data from all correlating systems into one data file, saving the investigator hours of manual work.

Introducing KaYCee

Kaycee assists the investigator by logging in and copying the customer details into the institution’s KYC system. Then, he finds the right customer, extract the information into a WORD/PDF file and attaches it to the alert, so the investigator never has to leave the case management system.

Announcing Lexi (Under Constructions)

Lexi is an expert in Lexis Nexis. He knows how to perform and compile Lexis Nexis news and OFAC Screening results within the alert details, within minutes, and by doing so, reducing the investigator’s time per alert and risk of human error.

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More to come about Hunter, Kaycee & Lexi in our upcoming posts…

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