4 Simple Steps to Achieve GDPR/CCPA


The Challenge

The European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) increased the compliance burden for financial institutions worldwide, with respect to all systems storing and processing personal data of European citizens. A similar burden will be introduced by the US State of California in 2020 (CCPA). Despite the ample time organizations had to prepare, some have already failed to do it successfully, leading to data breach, data leakage, large fines and poor reputation.

The solution

Secu-Pi is a Gartner “Cool” Vendor, providing a unique technology for Data-Centric Audit and Protection. The solution enables financial institutions to achieve compliance for Fraud Management Applications and Analytics Implemented in mere days. It provides them with one privacy platform for all types of fraud management systems and fraud analytics tool, with no need for application re-coding or any database changes. The SecuPi solutions can help any FI reduce the risk of GDPR fines and the cost of ensuring the compatibility of complex anti-fraud and compliance technology estates with GDPR and CCPA regulations.

During this session, we will discuss the regulatory requirements of GDPR with respect to Fraud and Compliance technology & present a simple solution for all of your compliance needs, using one managed platform.

Topics covered:

  • GDPR Implementation guidelines for Fraud & Compliance solutions
  • GDPR related technological challenges in the Fraud & Compliance space
  • 4 steps for simple compliance – Install. Discover. Set. Go Live
  • Customer success stories

Solution Benefits

  • One platform for all types of fraud management systems and fraud analytics tool
  • Increased data management & audit capabilities
  • Meet all existing GDPR articles and future regulation enhancements
  • Eliminate the risk of GDPR fines
  • Reduce the cost of regulation implementation

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