Building a Robust AML Data Governance Program – Why, How & Where


Without a reliable Data Governance program in place, AML and Surveillance compliance teams are essentially flying blind:

  1. Poor data quality causes models to generate incorrect results
  2. Missing data may result in false-positive/negative alerts
  3. Misaligned communication between compliance and IT teams could result in regulatory coverage gaps

During the webinar, Matrix-IFS’ experts will discuss the importance of a proper data governance program for healthy and effective AML and Surveillance programs, and how to build one from the ground up.

Webinar agenda includes:

  • Examine strategies to build a resilient data governance program
  • Incorporate local and international regulations to ensure full compliance
  • Enhance data quality for AML and Financial Crime models
  • Evaluate operational considerations for your data governance program
  • Tailor data governance program to specific business needs
  • The impact of COVID-19 on current data governance practices
  • Panel discussion with CCO from SMBC and CDO from Commerzbank

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