Cost Conscious Compliance in AML


In recent years, Compliance Leaders have been exposed to various methods to reduce costs of compliance operations: AI, ML, RPA, and outsourcing are just some of the examples. The result is a bewildering mix of options, with scarce ‘hard’ data to suggest what is the best approach for an organization.

In this webinar, we will demonstrate how to measure the success of your AML Compliance & Financial Crime Programme. In addition, we will discuss methods for optimization, use cases and share insider tips to cost reductions.

Topics covered:
  • How to measures the success of your AML program
  • Leveraging AML domain/tech expertise to improve ROI
  • Optimization approaches to reduce key cost drivers
  • Common cost challenges and practical solutions
  • Measuring the Success of AML Compliance & Financial Crime
    Anton Moiseienko, Research Fellow, Financial Crime Programme, Royal United Services Institute
  • AML Optimisation Case Studies
    Yair Samban, VP Compliance & Fraud EMEA, Matrix-IFS
  •  Panel – How Financial Institutions Are Dealing with Compliance Costs
    Bill Radin, Executive Director, Legal and Compliance Department, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China

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