Integrating eComms & Control Room Surveillance


Many organizations have attempted to monitor MNPI in their eComms surveillance controls with very limited success, substantial overhead, and strain on compliance resources. Recent advances in machine learning and AI have made the development of innovative eComms solutions possible and available to compliance professionals and regulatory bodies.

During this webinar, Matrix-IFS will present industry trends, common challenges and pitfalls when integrating eComms with Control Room surveillance.

Topics Covered


· The global regulatory landscape
· Holistic surveillance – Where are we now?
· Control Room Surveillance maturity model

eComm Surveillance Use Cases/Challenges & Proposed Solutions

· Names on Watch/Restricted List
· Integration of security identifiers
· Identity resolution of Insiders
· CRM Integrations (e.g. Salesforce)

Leveraging Machine Learning

· Supervised and Unsupervised Learning
· Network analysis to ensure the integrity of information barriers
· Sentiment Analysis
· External channel monitoring / Social media coverage

Isolating Risk, Conflict and Collusion using NLP & Machine Learning in eComms Surveillance – solution demo

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