Automation (RPA) for AML & FIU


The Challenge 

High turnover of staff, inconsistent execution and the nature of Investigation’s day-to-day work pose a real threat to compliance. Investigators spend more 80% of their time on tasks that are time-consuming, tedious and repetitive leading to low employee morale, output and even human errors that can lead to bad press, reputational risk & regulatory fines.

During this session, we will explore a new vision of a modern FIU department, which would incorporate Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and advanced analytics to address and reduce your alerts as well as how robotics and automation can play part in reducing risk and simplifying the work of the investigators.

Topics covered:

  • Integrating AML, Fraud and Cyber-security Investigations
  • Eliminate Manual Time Consuming Tasks Using Automation
  • Proactive Investigations – System Triggering using AI and Machine Learning Trends

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