Tuning & Model Validation Accelerators for Transaction Monitoring & Sanctions Screening


Compliance Officers must be prepared to certify that their AML transaction monitoring (TM) and OFAC filtering systems are performing inline with regulatory expectations. Additionally, failure to demonstrate accurate data could have serious implications for the CCO (as Data Validation is now under the responsibility of the Compliance team) and could result in multi-million-dollar fines.

In this webinar, Sumit Arora, Director of Financial Crimes Advisory at Matrix IFS will discuss how to use advanced analytics tools to accelerate model validation & tuning processes independently of the TM & OFAC systems.

Topic covered

  • How to authenticate Data Quality in real-time
  • Data quality and its effects on entity resolution
  • Leveraging network visualization for behavioral analytics
  • Leveraging tuning accelerators to optimize ATL & BTL analysis
  • How to accelerate compliance with compliance standards
  • Panel discussion with Oracle

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